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This is James Bryant, Owner, NuMedia World TV.

We Are The WorldWide Alternative To The Fat Cat Cable And Satellite Providers That Have Been Abusing Us All For Far To Long, I Mean 100 to 150 bucks a Month For TV Service, It's Ridiculous. 

We Offer The Best Deal On The Planet With 1,600 + Channels, 10,000 + VOD Movies, 1,000+ VOD TV Shows.

Works On All Your Devices And We Have An Internet Based Web Portal.

Free For Life Local Channels.

(Accessory Purchase Of Digital Antenna Required)

Free NFL Sunday Ticket And UFC PPV.

All Professional Sports Subscriptions Are Included.

Plus All Premium Movie Channels. 

All  Childrens Channels.

Not Only Do We Have A Superior Product At A Superior Price, You Can Eliminate Your Cable Bill Entirely by Referring Our Amazing Service To Only 5 Of Your Friends.

But Wait, It Gets Even Better. With Our Customer Referral program,

Which Is Free With Your NuMedia Service, 

You Earn $10 Each And Every Month On Anyone You Refer.

No Cables, No Wires, No Satellites.

Our Service works with Your Internet to Stream Directly to Your TV, Smart Phone, Tablet, Chrome Book or Any of Your Other Devices.

We Use A Simple Login And Password.


You Can Log Into Up To 4 Devices.

You Can Watch Your NuMedia TV On Your TV, Smart Phone, Lap Top, Smart TV, Chrome Book And Most Other Android Based Devices, Anywhere In The World. 

With Our Web Portal, You Can Carry Your Personal Entertainment With You While Vacationing, Traveling On Business Or Visiting Relatives. 

Don't Be Afraid Of New Technology, Embrace It. Our Service Works Great And To Prove It, Everyone Receives A Free Trial.

All This for Only $49.95/Month.

Refer 5 Friends, Yours Is Free For Life.

Free Trial.

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OR, See Our FAQ's Below Including All Information On Local Channels.

What Is NuMedia ?

NuMedia World TV Is A Wireless Streaming Media App For Your Home TV(S) And Other Devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Get My Local Channels ?

Although We Have Many Local Channels, Mostly In Major US Cities,

All You You Need To Do To Receive Your Local Channels Free For Life,

Is To Plug In The *NuMediaI Digital Indoor Antenna, Next To Your Fire Stick.

*(one time $26.99 Accessory Purchase, with Free Shipping)

Click Here For NuMedia World TV Accessories

Will This Work Where I Live ? On My TV ?

The Answer Is Yes, As Long As You Have An Amazon Fire Stick Plugged In And Installed Correctly And Have Downloaded And Installed The NuMedia World TV App.

 Just Follow The Simple Email Instructions That Were E-mailed To You, When You Signed Up For Your 7 Day NuMediaFree Trial.


How Do I Know If My Internet Connection Is Good Enough For Numedia To Work Correctly ?

Click Here To Test Your Speed.

You Will Need A Steady Reliable Connection Of 5 mbps For NuMedia To Work Great.

Keep In Mind, IF You're A Multi-User Household And Have Multiple Devices Being Used Simultaneously, It May Not Be A Bad Idea to Improve Your Speed To 15-20 mbps To Be On The Safe Side.

What Can I Do To Improve My Internet Connection Speed ?

  • Simply Call Your Internet Service Provider and Request An Upgrade. I Was Shocked To Find Out I Only Had 1 mbps Of Speed When I Called My ISP.

  • Even If You Have To Spend A Few Extra Dollars A Month On Your Internet Connection, It Is So Worth It Because Of All The Money You Will Be Saving By Drastically Reducing Your Cable Bill Or Eliminating It Completely.

  •  I Qualified For A Free UpGrade to 25mbps And A New More Powerful 5 GHz Modem. Now Everything Works Even Better, Not Only My NuMedia World TV But My Lap Top, Chrome Book And Smart Phone As Well.

Click Here For Live Demo.

Do We Offer Customer Support ?

Of Coarse We Do. We Pride Ourselves With The Best 

Customer Care  And Live Support On The Planet !

World Tech Support Team

Is This Legal ?

The Answer Is Yes



We Are No Different Than Sling TV That You See Advertised On TV All The Time. 

We Choose To Grow By Rewarding Our Subscribers And Business Opportunity Partners, To Keep The Cost Down And More Services Available.

When television is being watched by subscribers or customers from streaming IPTV providers such as NuMedia World TV and others, they are usually on what is referred to as a carriage deal which was negotiated before they launched their service to the public.

Nearly all Television networks negotiate carriage deals with the content providers. There are scales that determine how much the fees will be to the IPTV service based on how many customers the service has viewing their content. There are negotiations that determine how much the providers will pay and where channel streams can be watched.


We have seen carriage deals that don't allow the operator to provide services outside of the customers home but that wouldn't work in today's world where most customers use their phones and tablets to view their TV on a regular basis.  

This forces the IPTV providers to pay more money for that license, to meet the demands of their subscribers.

In the end it really comes down to how much you want to pay based on the level of service you wish to provide your subscribers. This is why all streaming IPTV services are not the same.  Some pay just the bare minimums that the Networks ask for, while others like NuMedia pay more to offer more features and a higher quality service.

Some channels that are purchased under these carriage deals are licensed in blocks from a wholesale channel aggregator, but deals for premium channels such as HBO and NFL channels are usually negotiated individually and are expensive and once again are necessary to compete in the IPTV market.

Many times IPTV providers must agree to ‘minimum guarantees', meaning the IPTV operator pays a minimum price regardless of many customers actually subscribe to their service making it a risky gamble on the provider's end.

 That is why NuMedia over delivered when it launched.

Many smaller IPTV services cannot afford the costs to get premium channels because smaller operators don't have the necessary money at hand to launch their service. 

 It takes a lot of money to start a streaming IPTV service if you want to do it right.

NuMedia doesn't have customer base cash or flow problems so We over delivered with our channels, added some great support and kept prices as low as We could.

So yes NuMedia is legal.

Try NuMedia for yourself with a Risk Free Trial account and you decide which IPTV service is best for you. You can sign up for free trials by

Clicking Here.