NuMedia World TV Accessories


NuMedia Local Channels Plug In

Digital Indoor Antenna For Local TV Stations

If You Live In Town, Just Plug This Into Your TV Next To Your Fire Stick.

This Is What I Use, I'm 30 Miles From My Local TV Towers 

And It Works Great. 

Extreme Conditions Digital Outdoor Antenna For Local TV Stations

 Extreme Range Out Door Digital Antenna 

 For Folks Who Live Way Out In The Boonies Or In Mountainous Areas.

NuMedia Fire Stick

Why Should You Go To All This Extra Trouble, Time And Expense You Might Ask ?

Because It Takes No Time, It's Hardly Any Trouble, It's Under $30, It's A One Time Charge And You Will Have Free Local Channels For Life !

Plus You Will Totally Eliminate Your Cable And Satellite Bill Completely, After You Refer Just 5 Of Your Friends.

In Short, Because It's Worth It.

NuMedia Local Channels Digital Antenna Plug In (InDoor)

NuMedia Fire Stick

NuMedia Fire Stick